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West Fargo Baseball Letter to the Seniors 2018

                        As a coach when you have been in a program for a while you get to see athletic development. Ryan Froemke and Carter Dodd  What I will remember the most of this group is not the outcome or outcomes that we will have, but the memories that we made throughout the process. Whether it was the trips to the Valley Fair or the Mall of America. The long bus rides out West or to Omaha. Hitting indoors when its 0 degrees out or doing triangles when its 100 degrees those are the types of things that will stick with me the most. Each senior has done some pretty special things in our program whether it was with no one watching or it was a packed house. I want to share with you guys some of my memories that I have of this senior class.

                  Brady Beyl- I might get on you for jogging one out from time to time, but I think sometimes people underrate how good of a teammate you actually are. Whether you don’t get in a certain game or in a certain position every time I see you, your always having fun and your always positive. On the back of the bus you’re usually the one cracking girlfriend jokes and keeping everyone loose. My favorite quote that you have said is “I only pitch championships.” If everything works out, hopefully we get to see you throwing in a championship this week.

Ryan Bourassa- As you know I was your freshman coach for the Packers in 2015 and to be honest I had no idea who you were. We were a couple doubleheaders into the season and you came and asked me a question before a game, “Hey Coach, when can I pitch?” As all of you guys know when someone asks me a question like that I usually get pissy and give a sarcastic comment. Time went on and we finally put you in to pitch and there ya went, and I sat back and after you pitched I thought, “How dumb was I.” Fast forward a couple years later and you turned yourself into a collegiate pitcher with major potential. I can’t wait to ask you the question in four years in regards to your playing career, “Hey Ryan, where you at right now?

Andrew Enno- Legion State tournament 2017 we just lost out to Minot and we were eating in a Taco Johns in Williston before a long bus ride home. You just graduated high school and were going to NDSU for engineering, but as a coach I knew you had one year left of legion eligibility. We got a video of you stating that you were going to come back and man did that make me happy. Not just as a player, but as a friend I was ecstatic to hear that you were coming back to play. The improvements you have made throughout your years is largely related to your dedication to the weight room. I hope every young player in our program realize that they can also be the best version of their selves if they put the work in, just like Andrew Enno.

Jake Faircloth- 2-0 Count summer of 2015 Aces at Bennett playing Post 400, I’m giving signs in the third base coaches box and give a take sign and Jake swings through it. After that game was over I think I chewed your ass for a solid three minutes in front of everyone. A couple days later we were right back to it like nothing ever happened and that is a representation of how coachable you are and how you always persevere through adversity. It has been exciting to see your work ethic take your game to the next level, but also exciting to see how you have grown as a leader. We have ran a camp the past two summers and watching you coach the player’s in the camp and having the player’s look up to you is awesome. How you teach the game to the young guys is exciting because it exemplifies how good of an athlete and person you are.

                  Drake Flesche- You guys have all heard me say before that we all show leadership in different ways, but we all need to be leaders. Drake Flesche you are someone that leads by example at all times. Whether it is putting in the extra work on the field or at 6:00 am at work off the field it has been exciting to watch your leadership grow. The clear passion and intent to win that I see in your eyes throughout games throughout the season is extraordinary. I have now seen you win two state championships and walk around like a kid in a candy store holding that trophy and I hope we can add one more to that resume.

Morgan Kapaun- I will remember you for the shut out you threw in Minnetonka’s until we lost in extras. I will remember hearing you throw a complete game junior year in the legion state tournament. I will remember you beating Millard West in the Gopher Classic who was one of the best Nebraska teams that year. You have thrown in and had the success in a lot of big games throughout your career in West Fargo, including this summer. What I will also remember you for is your tremendous character as an individual. Baseball can test you as an individual in so many different ways and to see you persevere through the ups and downs of this season is a representation of who you are as a person. You will always keep fighting and competing no matter the circumstances and as we all know through the ups and downs when you got on that mound you want it more than anyone else.

Tristen Roehrich- Sometimes you wonder how someone progresses so fast in the game of baseball, but then a certain event happens and it clicks. The event that happened was down in Omaha this year, and as we all remember we had a rainy day and we went for a little “character building conditioning.” We were doing wheelbarrows and people were face planting left and right, your team however had less people that could get on the ground and use their arms because two of the members on the team were pitching that next day. Someone on your team mentioned how they could potentially shorten the distance because their team had less guys and your exact words were “no shortcuts.” “No shortcuts” on that day represented something larger than finishing a conditioning session it represented who you are as an athlete. You always exemplify being coachable as well. Whenever I am speaking and I am wondering as a coach who’s truly engaged all you have to do is look at Tristen and see his eyes as wide as they can be, fully engaged. The extra effort you give and how coachable you are will take your career as far as possible.

This is a letter directly related to the seniors, but it also is a letter to the 2018 West Fargo Patriots. I hope we all understand the difficulties that we have overcome to get here and be in the position we are in to hopefully win a state tournament. All the intense weightlifting and conditioning sessions. Driving through snow in the winter to get to the Loeden Center for a few hacks. All the tough practices and all of the late night road trips. Keep attacking the process, be mentally and physical prepared at all times. ALL PLAYERS ON OUR TEAM COMPETE EVERY PITCH IN WHATEVER ROLE THAT IS AND HITTERS REFUSE TO GET OUT. SENIORS NEVER LET ANYONE TAKE THAT JERSEY OFF OF YOU AND YOUNGER GUYS FIGHT FOR THEM TO HAVE AN EXTRA DAY BECAUSE SOMEDAY SOON A YOUNGER GUY WILL BE FIGHTING FOR YOU. #ALLOUT #BURNTHEBOATS #FINISHTHECLIMB #42OUTS #BILLGATES


West Fargo Baseball Letter to the Seniors 2019

              As a coach when you have been in a program for a while you get to see athletic development. It has been fun to see our senior groups development over the years. Although it is a smaller Senior class, Ryan Froemke and Carter Dodd you guys have once again set a positive example for the younger guys to follow. What I will remember the most of this group is not the outcome or outcomes that we will have, but the memories that we made throughout the process. Whether it was Topp Golf, the Mall of America, the music we listen to, or playing Mafia on our long bus rides. I would like to share some stories on Ryan and Carter in the following letter:

              Carter Dodd- Around a year ago, I was walking around a field in Minot talking about you not taking a bean in BP before one of our state tournament  games. Recently, you were saying in the Gopher Classic how you will take an elbow for the boys. Your leadership has truly developed. Although soft spoken, you lead by example. You prepare for every pitch at a high level and you are a competitor. The growth I have seen from you this year has been exponential and I am truly proud to have coached you before you leave for college to play college baseball.

              Ryan Froemke- What more can you ask of a senior, in regards to accepting and embracing a role. Your role is truly important you have thrown a ton of big innings for us this year, but you also probably would have liked more chances to hit. With that being said you have created a positive example for the younger guys in our program who will step into a role like yours in the future. Now let’s talk about how you got there, I saw you at more offseason practices than almost anyone. You were working hard and you had a goal to make the Patriots and your hard work paid off. Once again your commitment to yourself, to other’s, and to the program will have a lasting impact on the people that you were around.

This is a letter directly related to the seniors, but it also is a letter to the 2019 West Fargo Patriots. I hope we all understand the difficulties that we have overcome to get here and be in the position we are in to hopefully win a state tournament. Think about the process that we have encountered. Whether it was in the offseason, the start of the season, the mid season struggles, and now the momentum we have carried into the postseason. We are truly battle tested and prepared for war. ALL PLAYERS ON OUR TEAM COMPETE EVERY PITCH IN WHATEVER ROLE THAT IS AND HITTERS REFUSE TO GET OUT. SENIORS NEVER LET ANYONE TAKE THAT JERSEY OFF OF YOU AND YOUNGER GUYS FIGHT FOR THEM TO HAVE AN EXTRA DAY BECAUSE SOMEDAY SOON A YOUNGER GUY WILL BE FIGHTING FOR YOU. #100 Miles #LilPump #TakingSouls #NextManUp #WestFargoBaseball


Letter to the Seniors 2020


This years group of seniors have been tested in a different way than any other group before. The uncertainty of actually having a season is something new to everyone, but their preparation for the year never changed, even if there were constant questions in regards to the potential of playing baseball this summer. Each of them went through something a little different before our year started, Dustin had his senior year of Packer baseball taken away from him, Adison and Ryan had their freshman year of college baseball and college altogether abruptly ended because of the virus. With that being said each individual has been successful in their role for the Patriots for the 2020 summer. Something that I hope the future Patriots take  very seriously is that you can’t control the uncontrollables, but what you can always do is be prepared for the moment. I would like to share some stories on how each player has made a huge impact on me and the West Fargo Baseball program.


              Adison Krank- August 12th, 2018 it was a 100 degree day in Dickinson, North Dakota. We had just lost a very heartbreaking two games to Dubuque, Iowa to fall one game short of the World Series. A young left handed pitcher who who came up at the end of the year from the Aces to pitch for us had a ton of success in our State Championship game and was the winning pitcher in the game to get us to the regional championship walked up to me after the game. He said “Hey Coach thank you for the opportunities.” What I had to remind him of was the fact that he was prepared and ready for that moment and he put himself in that position and he was prepared to succeed. Among a lot of things Adison has done and various ways he has impacted the program all of our young kids who don’t quite make the Patriots at the start of the year should try to be Adison Krank.


              Dustin Mertz- To be honest throughout my first three years of coaching, I don’t think there has been an athlete that I have been tougher on, but Dustin is coachable he never yells back and he takes the words of encouragement like a man. This characteristic that Dustin has will not only help him be super successful in the rest of his baseball career, but this characteristic will help him be successful in whatever Dustin decided to do when he is a student-athlete and after his baseball career. Dustin’s ability to play multiple positions and multiple sports is astonishing.


              Ryan Reynolds- Kory Wolden, who was a volunteer coach for Ryan’s first two years always pointed out how Ryan did the simple thing of grabbing buckets. Even though Ryan wasn’t an everyday starter his first year he was still a leader. One thing I try to point out to every team is “little things turn into big things.” Ryan did the little things and still does and that’s why he has turned himself from a spot starter to an everyday starter and the cleanup hitter. He puts in the extra effort, focus, and attention to detail to be successful. Ryan is a team guy at all times, whether its helping set up for practice, hitting a double, or helping me drive the bus. His extra effort is extraordinary.


I want to thank this years group of seniors for the lasting impact that they have on this program. Its unfortunate that there is no World Series for this group to strive for, but what they can do is be the first team ever at this age to end the year on a win. This group deserves a state championship and if we as a collective whole can get one notch better for the rest of this summer this group will get what they deserve. #42Outs #FinishStrong #WestFargoBaseball


West Fargo Baseball Letter to the Seniors 2021

                        You win some you lose some. This group of seniors has found a way throughout the course of their career to win a heck of a lot more than they lose. Winners win, not only in  baseball, but in life. The success that you guys have had is because of who you are as athletes and individuals, but also how you have attacked the process. The process. What is it? It is stretching, conditioning, lifting, extra baseball work, and taking care of your body. You guys throughout the course of your career have certainly attacked the process and the example that you have left for the future of West Fargo Baseball is inspirational.

                  Lance Oster- A lot of firsts with you Lance. First player to twist a nut and then throw in a championship game his next appearance. First Freshman to talk shit to the upperclassmen. First player that I have ever coached that has taken every single thing like a champion. Win or lose you have set a great example on how to simplify the sport that we play. “It is just a game.” Thank you for being a great leader on and off the field for the West Fargo Patriots.

Alex Urlaub- Four year starting shortstop. I doubt this program ever says that again. The ability that you have had in this game from day one has been so fun to watch and I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to be a part of it. More importantly thank you for being a leader. The first one to practice, the first to help set up, the last one to help stay and clean up. It shows that no matter what you do in the game, taking care of all of the little things is what creates a winning player, a winning environment, and a winning culture.

Caleb Jamieson- Mature. The word that comes to mind when you hear the name Caleb Jamieson. You’re ready to go whenever it is needed and you provide a ton of energy. When you get pinch hit for you never complain even though I know how bad you want that at bat. You help pick out things in the dugout like you are another coach. You’re the first guy to volunteer to catch bullpens, whether it is one bullpen or five. You do everything you can do to prepare your body at a high level. Thank you for being such an awesome teammate.

Brayden Jacobson- You’ve been a dude since day one. Your competitive desire to win in everything that you do is something that is going to take you very far in life. I think everyone knows we have had our battles. We say what we need to say to each other, we get it off our chest and we move on. Your ability to not hold anything negative against a coach or a person is a trait that I admire in you. Thank you for all of the great memories that you have provided the last four years.

Tyler Rued- We always say “stay in the middle.” Whether you just threw a perfect game or you struck out your last at bat. I know your senior year on the mound has not went as planned, but watching you continue to work through the adversity is admirable. Thank you for setting a great example on how to “stay in the middle.” Regardless of how this year has went on the mound you have had a great career in the West Fargo jersey. Keep chipping away because the best #7 on the mound is still to come.

                  Drew Clouse- Locker room guy. Your love for the guys that you play with and for the game is awesome. It’s a family and you’re always willing to go the extra mile for another person. We have been around each other for four years and this year you earned the full time spot at catcher. You have always been putting in the extra work to get better each and everyday and I am so thrilled on the senior year that you have had. Great player, great teammate, but most importantly great person.

Anthony Villanueva- Energy guy. Grinder. Do what it takes to get the job done. Its fun watching you play the game because you play it the right way. You’re the guy that’s always smiling unless your pissed at me for yelling at you for not getting the bunt down. (Heat of the moment, I apologize) You can play any position and you’re always in the right spot. It has been extremely important for our younger guys to watch you play and develop. Each year you keep getting better and better. Thank you for setting such a positive example and for being the loudest guy in the dugout at all times.

This is a letter directly related to the seniors, but it also is a letter to the 2021 West Fargo Patriots. I hope we all understand the difficulties that we have overcome to achieve the successes that we had. Going to the ballyard to hit, the Rustad Center to get defense reps, the Loeden to get our arms ready, the Attic for live at bats. All the tough practices and all of the late night road trips. Pushing the bus around the parking lot or running up the hill in Dickinson. You guys are state champions and no one can ever take that away from you. The skills that you gained and the memories you had are life long. Thank you for letting me be a part of the 2021 Senior class and the 2021 West Fargo Patriots. #StateChamps #Journey #42Outs #RollPats #WestFargoBaseball


West Fargo Baseball Letter to the Seniors 2022

Takes a special class to kick down the wall. Three final four appearances in a row, but the first to win the Gopher Classic. Most importantly, the first group to win back-to-back state championships. Not only did this group win back-to-back state championships, but they won it in front of their home crowd at Young Field. It will go down in history as the first group to win back-to-back but doing it in front of all our youth will have a lasting impact on the future West Fargo Patriots.

                  Nolan Dodds- 4-year Patriot.  First ever back-to-back state championship pitcher. Pretty impressive, especially when both were complete games. Nolan started his career by playing mostly corner outfield but ended his career by playing a little bit of second base, centerfield, and pitching. Hopefully that is something that the future Patriots watched Nolan do... compete every pitch in any position that is asked of him. We had some ups and downs throughout his career, but one thing you could never argue about was Nolan’s passion for winning. Nolan was a competitor throughout his four years on the Patriots and when the game was on the line you wanted the ball in his hands.

Brennan Haman- 4-year Patriot. Mr. Mature. Sweeeeep Sweeeeeep. The athlete who never talked-- to the athlete who never stopped talking. Watching the development of Brennan as a player and as a person throughout these past four years was extremely exciting to see. The confidence and skillset that he developed from the game of baseball was fun to watch. Brennan did a lot of things we asked, but one thing that I hope lasts for a long time in our program was his ability to handle the fastball. It started as a freshman and never left. Brennan’s senior year on the mound did not go as planned, but he never gave up on his team or himself throughout the year. Those characteristics will #5 far in life.

Cooper Borchardt- 4-year Patriot. Cooper was out in right field jumping on the doggy pile at the end of the state championship game. Cooper was the individual that was pushing people and me during our Carter Lake conditioning session. Throughout his four years Cooper was extremely coachable and understood the decisions that the coaching staff had to make. Cooper always pushed himself to be better and was always honest and hard-working. Cooper’s leadership played a huge part in helping accomplish what the 2022 West Fargo Patriots accomplished. Cooper is a great leader and great teammate, and these characteristics will take him to extraordinary places on and off the field.

Skyler Hoard- 1st-year Patriot. Ultimate team guy. He bought into the fact that he was a PO and his senior year on the bump might not have gone as planned, but he was extremely important for us as a teammate. Skyler bought into being first base coach, hitting fungos, and cheering on his teammates. Within a great team there are always people who truly buy into their role and Skyler was no exception.

Peyton Jantzi- 1st-year Patriot. Peyton was always willing to put himself on the line, exemplified by the final day of the Gopher Classic. He had previously caught most of the games but went on to pitch in the semi-finals and helped us become Gopher Classic champions. Peyton had success in many different sports throughout high school but was always one of the humblest people on the field and in our locker room. I cannot wait to watch #12’s career continues to develop at Valley City State University.

Matt Heupel- 1st-year Patriot. Knucks win games. Matt quickly bought into the things we were asking him to do. Sometimes things went his way and sometimes they did not. That goes for the outings he had on the mound or the at-bats he had, and the roles we put him in and the roles that we did not put him in. One thing Matt always did was stay ready. This was exemplified by him driving in the first run in the state championship game and his designated pinch runner Landon Troftgruben scoring the second run (go ahead run) in the state championship game. Matt was a great team guy who would always push himself during conditioning, even when it got tough. I am excited to watch Matt’s career continue to develop at Bismarck State and I know that his mindset will help him achieve great things.                 

Some guys were on the team for four years and some for one, but something that no one can ever take away from this group is the fact that they are state champs. Special teams can be created quickly, and this team did some special things. This year we did have some bumps in the road, whether it was our Carter Lake experience or our running after the Watertown doubleheader. One thing that this group did extremely well was battle through tough times. I am extremely proud of this group of seniors' accomplishments on and off the field. I cannot wait for the future when we all get together and discuss some of the memories that were created when you were in the West Fargo Baseball uniform. One big reminder to each and every one of you is that you are all a West Fargo Patriot forever. #Value90’s #LowMaintentanceVSHighMaintenance #TeamsThatFistBumpMoreWinMore #PatriotForever #WestFargoBaseball


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