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West Fargo Youth Baseball


Who is West Fargo Baseball?
West Fargo Baseball is a youth baseball organization for ages 5-15. The mission of West Fargo Baseball is to organize, structure and maintain the highest quality baseball program possible.  We seek to develop a fun and safe environment that affords each participant the opportunity to learn and play the game of baseball.  In addition, we strive to develop fundamental baseball skills while instilling the core values of teamwork, sportsmanship, competition and citizenship into each of our participants.

When does registration begin?
Registration will open mid November each year.  We will send out email reminders, post on the web page (, and Facebook. Once registration is open, simply click the link on the front page of the website and follow the instructions.  Please contact the office with any issues or questions.

When does registration end?
Although registration never technically ends, we do ask that everyone registers PRIOR TO February 14th.  Anyone registering AFTER this date risk being put on a waiting list if rosters are full.  Again, we will accept registrations after February 14th as we never want to turn someone away, but just be aware that we cannot guarantee a roster spot.

**NOTE - if you are wanting to try out for a travel team, registration MUST be in no later than FEBRUARY 14th. No refunds will be given once tryouts have begun.

How much does it cost to register?
5 and 6 year olds pay $95 per player
7 and 8 year olds pay $250 per player
9-12 year olds pay $330 per player
13-15 year olds pay $350 per player

Is there any way to lower the cost of Registration Fees?

Yes, if you are in need of financial assistance, please contact the office ([email protected])

Are we using the Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken age chart or the Little League age chart? Can my ballplayer "play up" a level?

For Red River Valley League play we are accepting both Cal Ripken & Little League age charts. The player may choose which age group they want to compete at and can use either age chart.
West Fargo Baseball allows players to play a level 1 year older than their age based on the Little League Age Chart from ages 5-7 (example: in the last year this is allowed, a 7YO could play at the 8YO level). After age 8, the organizations with whom we're affiliated are more strict in their age rules so players will be required to play at the level determined by the age charts. Please understand, this means if they played up in the past, they will be required to play the 8YO level 2 years in a row to become compliant again.
If a player chooses to be in the all-star selection process for Little League, the player must sign up under the age listed on the Little League Age Chart.
If a player would like to sign up for travel baseball, the player must sign up under the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Age Chart.

Am I required to fundraise?

There is NO MANDATORY Fundraiser. We are still offering the raffle (ages 7-15) to offset the cost of registration, however, the raffle sales go back to you if you choose to do it and the raffle will be drawn in July with a daily cash prize. If you choose the raffle option in the registration form, you will receive a max of 40-$5 raffle tickets per paid registration to offset your registration cost that you can sell. Raffle tickets will be handed out for those that choose when you have your first practice in the spring.

Do you take Credit/Debit Cards?
Yes, online for registration.  Please be aware that there is an additional processing fee incurred by the payer.

How can I register?
Go to to register online

What if my son/daughter doesn’t want to play after signing up?

Full refunds will be granted up the first day of league games. After the player’s first league game, a refund will not be granted.

Will my son/daughter be guaranteed a spot on a team?

Any player registered before February 14th will be guaranteed a spot on a team. Any player registered after the deadline will go on a waiting list and be placed on a team that needs additional players.

When does the season begin and end?

Recreational League (5-6): The baseball season will begin the middle of May and end in late July.

Recreational League (7-15): The baseball season will begin the last week of April and end in late July.

Travel (9-15): The baseball season is scheduled by the travel coaches, but games typically start in late April/early May and end late July, unless they qualify for Regional/National tournaments.

How many games do teams play?

West Fargo Baseball league teams will play approximately a 20 game interlocking league schedule with Fargo and area teams. 

What day(s) will teams practice?

Weekday practice days and times are provided to each team, but the final practice schedule is determined by the coach. You will be informed of the final practice schedule by your team's coach.

How do we know if a game is rained out or cancelled?

All cancellations will be posted on West Fargo Website and Facebook. Announcements are made by 4 PM. After 4 PM, decisions will be made by the umpires on site.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE REGARDING RAINOUTS. If no announcement has been made, then assume games are still on.

What equipment do I need to provide for my player?

Players will need to provide their own glove, bats, cleats, Gray baseball pants, belt and baseball socks.  

What equipment will be provided? 

Each League player will receive a jersey with their teams sponsor on it and a WF baseball hat. Every player will have their own batting helmet. Team equipment bags are handed out to each team along with a bucket of practice balls and game balls. Inside the equipment bag there is catchers equipment, and a first aid kit.

What are the playing rules for each age group?

Playing rules differ for each age group. Rules can be found on our Rules Page on the website. 

What if I have a complaint or concern about a coach, player, parent and/or official?

All complaints and concerns are always considered serious and should be reported to the West Fargo Baseball office. Please abide by the 24 hour rule. NEVER approach a coach/player/parent/league official or umpire during or shortly after the incident. Please contact the office via email ([email protected]) and/or phone.  If the concern is over playing time, we ask that you first reach out to the coach. If after speaking with the coach the concern is still there, then contact the WFB office. Again, we ask that everyone wait 24 hours prior to submitting or lodging a complaint.

What if I lost my baseball hat?

Please contact our office at [email protected]

What are the levels of play offered by West Fargo Baseball?


The goal of the Board as it relates to Recreational League Baseball is to provide players the opportunity to play and develop at a recreational level. See the Red River Valley League Rules page on our website for more a more detailed list of rules related to game play. 

  • The schedule heavily emphasizes development, with at least 30 minutes of fun, productive skills drills the first 30 minutes & recreational game competition for up to 45 minutes at the end of each night. Games/practices will be on Monday and/or Wednesday evenings with a variable schedule that will either have you playing both nights or just 1 of them. 

  • The rules provide a simplified version of baseball appropriate for players aged 5 & 6.  

  • Teams are formed by volunteer, parent coaches who will pitch to players from a knee and serve as the umpires. 

  • Parent groups are encouraged to identify a volunteer coach if they desire to have their ball players play together. Younger teams are typically formed primarily by school attended. 

  • League management attempts to place teams in a division that provides them an appropriate competition level for its skills.  

  • The schedule balances the opportunity for development, with 2 week-night practices, & competition, with 2 week-night games most weeks between early May and late July.  

  • The rules are an adapted version of Little League rules and they prioritize the opportunity for young ball player to enjoy significant playing time in games.  

  • Teams are formed by volunteer, parent coaches and they participate in the Red River Valley League with teams from local communities, requiring very little travel.  

  • Pitching and umpiring is done by coaches. 8U will have kid pitch half way through the season. 

  • Parent groups are encouraged to identify a volunteer coach if they desire to have their ball players play together. Younger teams are typically formed primarily by school attended. 

  • League management attempts to place teams in a division that provides them an appropriate competition level for its skills. 

  • The schedule balances the opportunity for development, with 2 week-night practices, & competition, with 2 week-night games most weeks between early May and late July.  

  • The rules are adapted from a combination of Little League, Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth rules and they prioritize the opportunity for young ball player to enjoy significant playing time in games.  

  • Teams are formed by volunteer, parent coaches and they participate in the Red River Valley League with teams from local communities, requiring very little travel.  

  • Parent groups are encouraged to identify a volunteer coach if they desire to have their ball players play together. Younger teams are typically formed primarily by school attended. 

  • League management attempts to place teams in a division that provides them an appropriate competition level for its skills.   


11-12 YEAR OLDS 

The goal of the Board as it relates to fielding a Little League All Star Team is to foster an environment that allows players to enjoy playing regular league games at a more relaxed level with less time commitment than Travel Baseball, but also provides the opportunity to play and practice at a more competitive level with a much lighter commitment to weekend events than required by Travel Baseball.  

  • West Fargo Baseball typically plans to field 1 Little League All Star Team, playing at the 12-and-under level. The team will be selected from the 12 Year Old and 11 Year Old West Fargo recreational teams. West Fargo Baseball may adjust the plan if the composition of league teams at ages 9 through 12 make any adjustments appropriate. More information will be provided at the coaches and parents meetings.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: To be eligible for the All Star Team, players must be no older than 12 years old on August 31st that season. This is a different date than used for normal team assignment, so not all players on 12 Year Old league teams will be eligible. This will be considered when the league and/or coaches communicate to other league coaches, families and players. 

  • Per strict Little League rules, players will not tryout for the All Star Team. Little League coaches will email to ask about interest from all families with a player of eligible age and select the players after observing their skill and attitude at games and/or practices.  

  • The All Star Team will hold practices and a small number of tournaments & games, mostly on weekends as they cannot conflict with the league team’s practices and games.  

  • The All Star Team will participate in the Little League All Star State Tournament 1 weekend in the last half of July. Little League does not have a large footprint in ND, so recently teams have come only from Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead and the tournament has been hosted in Fargo. 


The goal of the Board as it relates to Travel Baseball is to foster an environment that allows players to develop and play at a more competitive level against other select teams. The format for each specific age group is aimed at accomplishing this goal.  

  • The schedule balances the opportunity for development, with 2 week-night practices, & competition, with a regular season schedule against other select teams and weekend tournaments.  

  • Travel Team rosters are determined through a tryout process and West Fargo Baseball will field up to 2 teams per level at ages 9-14 as the number of players and volunteer coaches allow. Only 1 team will be formed at 15 because some players will be placed on Legion teams.  

  • Teams at age 9 are split as evenly as possible and 10-15. Teams at age 10-14 will be split in an A-B format.  

  • Travel Teams age 9-12 play ND State Cal Ripken and age 10-15 play ND State Babe Ruth with state, regional and world series tournaments (ages 9 and 11 do not have a World Series) 

  • Players on Travel Teams can expect significant playing time at all games and regular season tournaments, but more skilled players can expect more playing time. Playing time during the post-season is at the coaches’ discretion for competing in the tournaments.  

*See below for more details about the Travel Baseball program


Below is a list of our most common questions regarding the Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth travel program

The goal for West Fargo 9U travel baseball is to provide 2 teams of equal talent which is determined by tryouts which will take place March 15th, 2020 at the Rustad Recreation Community Center.  The program wants to get as many kids as possible involved in WF baseball by creating a competitive, fun and positive learning environment. This in turn should help with retention, which in all sports, is key to strong programs.  Our goal is to provide WF Legion and high school teams with full, competitive rosters.

Starting at 10U travel and beyond, the two travel teams will be split into two teams.  Each year provides all West Fargo baseball players the opportunity to try out and make these travel teams. 

What can I expect for a financial commitment if my son chooses travel? 

Approximately $500 before travel, hotel and food costs. If team advances to the regional tournament, there will obviously be more travel costs that is the families responsibility.

Where does this West Fargo Baseball registration money go? 


Field rentals

Uniform tops, Hats

Batting helmet

Each team is given catching equipment, bag, bucket of baseballs, 2 dozen new balls for games

Costs associated to keeping fields in shape

Additional travel team money needed for:

Majority of money is used for tournament entry fees 

Additional uniform items such as pants, undershirts, belts, socks, etc.

Assorted items used for practice drills and games (cones, ladders, tees, nets, lineup cards, etc.)

Team bats and additional team gear

Practice rental time at Rustad Center and/or Ballyard

What kind of time commitment should I expect during the week?

Teams are given one field practice and one batting cage practice per week Mon-Thurs.  Practice times are generally 1.5 -2 hours in duration and batting cage time is 1 hour in duration totaling approximately 3 hours per week of practice time.  Virtually every field in West Fargo is being used Mon-Thurs so it can be difficult to find additional practice time.  Optional practices are possible depending on what each team's coach schedules.  Occasionally, there will be doubleheaders scheduled during the week, depending on field availability and coach’s discretion, which take approximately 3 hours and usually begin in the late afternoon (5:30 - 6pm is most common start times).

Games and weekend tournaments.

Teams play approximately 20 league games (mostly doubleheaders) and somewhere between 4-6 tournaments, including the state tournament.  Coaches have the flexibility to make their schedule but it is difficult to give a tournament schedule early in the season because most available tournaments are not posted until April or May. Usually our teams play a tournament in Fargo and West Fargo in addition to 2 - 4 out of town tournaments that are usually 1 - 4 hours away from West Fargo. Tournaments generally run Friday and/or Saturday to Sunday with the exception of the State tournament that began last year on the second Thursday in July.  State tournament information can be found here If your team wins the state tournament, or is the runner up, they will qualify for the regional tournament.  The regional tournament usually takes place the week after the state tournament with the dates and location available on the link provided above. 


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